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A bit of a dissappointment

Updated: Apr 18

Monday morning meant Mike and Ellie were back to work leaving Bruce and I to have our own adventures. With very little planned until lunch time, we took our time leaving the hotel, jumped on the tube to Westminster and spent the morning wandering around like the tourists that we were.

We definitely got a little bit lost but once we managed to figure things out just in time for a lunch trip I’d had planned for ages. Granger & Co has been on my London to do list for quite a while now so with the one opening just of Sloane square it was the perfect place to meet Ellie on her lunch break. We only had to wait 20 minutes or so for a table which I believe isn’t too bad as they are often super busy. A sign of good things surely?

The staff were lovely, the atmosphere was good and the menu sounded delicious, it didn’t take us too long to order our burgers and service was pretty quick. So all in all off to a good start. I ordered a chicken burger and Bruce and Ellie both went for a beef burger (theirs was much more photogenic I think).

Sadly though this is where the disappointment comes in, don’t get me wrong the food wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting either. Now maybe its because I’d read other reviews and listened to peoples’ opinions on the place, but I was expecting to find some of the best burgers in London and well I didn’t. I’m not entirely convinced it was worth the hype of the queue so next time I’m in London and craving a burger I’ll be hunting down somewhere new.

All too soon Ellie’s lunch hour was over so she went back to work and Bruce and I wandered over to the Selfie to Self-Expression exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery (sadly its long finished by now).

I quite enjoy a trip to a gallery and this one gave me the perfect excuse to get some (rather questionable) photos of Bruce and I; the exhibition was all about selfies so it would be rude not to, right?

We loved wasting time wandering around for a couple of hours, but we eventually had to head off to the train station as we had a very important appointment that we just couldn’t miss but more on that next time!

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