• Emma

A day in Salem

Updated: Mar 27

Back in high school I read The Crucible; for those who don’t know its a play about the Salem Witch trials of 1692, its really good, I highly recommend it! So naturally one of the things on my to do list for the trip was visit Salem.

Taylor and I had been joined by Kirsten the night before and stayed up a little later than intended with cocktails and nibbles so we weren’t so great at getting up, but armed with coffee we figured we’d be alright after the 40min drive to Salem.

Just down the street from the memorial was the witch village and wax museum, which we thought would be filled with information on the witch trials. Lets just say we should’ve done a bit more research before we made the trip. The Wax museum was actually pretty interesting, it told you a little more about the history of Salem, the people who settled there and how they made a living.

After learning a little about the history of Salem we headed across the road to hear about the actual witch trials, this is the part we got a little wrong. Salem witch village was not in fact a tour of the village where the trials occurred but in a lesson on the history of witches, we’re not too sure how accurate some of the tales were but the tour guide was entertaining so that more than made up for the probable inaccuracies.

Educational portion of the day over, we spotted this red line painted on the pavement and decided to follow it around town.

Turns out this was a great decision as it lead us to an old fashion sweet shop, and d while I'm not the worlds biggest sweetie fan there's something about these old looking shops that I just can't resist.

A little wander around and a few purchases later, it was then time to head back to the city to grab some dinner and wait for Sara to join us. We started our meal at Piattini with Bellinis, presseco and wine followed by some good hearty Italian food. We picked up a couple of extra bottles of wine on the way back to the hotel ready for Sara’s arrival.

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