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A Flying Visit

Updated: Mar 27

 When Taylor told me she was coming over from Boston for a couple of weeks I just had to find at least some time to see her. She was in London last week so, lacking in holidays, I jumped on a plane for a 2 day trip down South.

I don’t ever remember flying into London this way before, Its definitely the best – such a great view of the whole city.

After landing 3.5 hours later than expected, I made my way to the hotel to check in, and find the girls. They’d already done a fair bit of exploring so fancied a slightly quieter day, which was fine by me. It was such a beautiful day there really was nothing better to do than take a stroll around Kensington Gardens.

After the flight delays and a good wander I was definitely starting to get peckish so I turned my attention to dinner…..

Only problem was we weren’t too sure where to go, then I remembered about a post The Londoner did a little while ago and so we headed to Taqueria for margaritas and Tacos! We figured it had to at least be half decent and as a bonus its pretty reasonable price wise, considering we were in London.

The girls weren’t massively hungry so we ordered a couple of dishes to start with knowing that we could always order more; which as it turns out is exactly what we did!

Of course it was all washed down with a couple of margaritas.

The selection of chicken, duck, steak and chipotle was wonderful and its definitely a place I’ll visit again if I’m in the area and need a quick taco fix.

It was quite early when we got there so although we hadn’t booked we managed to get a table – it got pretty busy as we were leaving. If you fancy trying it out you might want to book in advance.

We left just as the sun was starting to set and had a wander around the gorgeous Nottinghill houses, which seemed even more beautiful in this light (or maybe that was the margaritas…)

It was still too early for us to call it a night so we jumped on the tube so we were closer to our hotel, and found a bar for a couple of cocktails and even more catching up.

Much to our delight it was Happy hour at Be At One, so we grabbed a couple of stools and cocktails and spent the rest of the evening singing along to cheesy tunes and making friends with the staff.

(clearly darkness and iPhone cameras aren’t the best choice)

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