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A New Experience

Updated: Mar 27

If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed I’m not in the UK at the moment. The best and worst thing about going to an International school is the fact that after graduation everyone spreads out across the world, keeping in touch can be tricky but also totally worth it. This year has been a bit of a reunion year for me; firstly my trip to Geneva and now my trip to Boston.

There was one thing on my list of things to do that was a first for me…I had never been to an American sporting event before and I always got the impression that the sports fans over here were in a different league to the ones we have at home. I must say their stamina is definitely something I found tricky to contend with.

Still struggling with jet lag and the 38°C (100°f) heat wave we headed to the famous Fenway Park.

We wanted to be there early to get parked and get some food, a beer and just generally experience the atmosphere.

We asked a fellow fan to take a snap of us in the bullpen car, unfortunately this wasn’t their strong suit, oh well.

The game got off to a rather slow start but I believe that’s a pretty common thing in both baseball and American football. I mean no offence to any American sports fans but the game seemed to be a lot of nothing and then an exciting 30 seconds or so, don’t get me wrong though those 30 seconds were very exiting; balls flying into the crowd and home runs which made the spectators go crazy. Of course I had to join in and embrace it; after all that was the whole point of going to the game.

It was definitely in experience, not one I’d repeat every week but if you’ve never been to a baseball game its definitely worth the watch.

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