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A treasure hunt in the Museum

Updated: Apr 18

After what felt like the best sleep I’d had in ages, we woke up feeling pretty refreshed on Sunday morning and ready for a second day exploring. With nothing specific planned until after lunch we decided to grab a  coffee and have a wander around Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

Aimlessly wandering around a city is one of my favourite things to do, at least for a little while, it gives you a chance to really explore your surroundings and I find it pretty relaxing which was exactly what we needed on a Sunday morning. Although it definitely works up an appetite, so a quick stop at Wagamamas for lunch then we were off to meet my brother.

Mike and I enjoy a good museum and so does Bruce, so when we found out he hadn’t been to the British Museum we just had to fit in a visit. The biggest struggle is the size of the place, it’s almost impossible to see everything in one go. Last time I was there we singled out the Roman and Greek exhibitions and spend a couple of hours wandering around there. Since it worked so well we decided to do something similar this time. We picked up a map to see what we fancied and Mike spotted a section for those ‘short on time’.

It was a list of 13 must see items located in different parts of the museum and it was suggested this would take an hour to get through. So despite the fact that we’re in our twenties we decided that this was the one for us and we were going to have a competition to see who could spot each item first.

Ready, Set….GO!!

These little guys weren’t on the list but we loved them!!

I think our treasure hunt was the best idea of the day…but maybe thats just cause I won!

I’m not sharing all the photos cause really you should check out the museum highlights for yourself. Of course all that hunting helps work up an appetite just in time for dinner. First though we met Ellie for a wee aperitif at Cantina Laredo and a quick catch up about her day of wedding planning.

Time for us to go our separate ways, Mike and Ellie headed home while Bruce and I headed for our steak dinner for 2 at Rowley’s. We put our phones away and made the most of an evening to ourselves with a nice bottle of wine.

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