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An Easter Classic

Updated: Mar 27

If you’ve been reading this blog lately you’ll know I have been doing a lot of very grown up things over the last couple of months; buying a flat and everything that comes with that. So for Easter I thought It was time to regress to a childlike state and what better way to do that than whip up some Chocolate egg nests!?

They’re so quick and easy to make that there’s really no excuse for not doing a bit of home ‘baking’ on Easter Sunday. So grab some miniature relatives and make some of these for yourself.

You will need:

450g Plain chocolate

100g Butter

4 tbsp Golden Syrup

125g Cornflakes

48 Mini Eggs (but get a big bag cause you need to snack on these while you wait)

What to do:

Melt the Chocolate, butter and golden syrup together,

add cornflakes to melted chocolate & make sure they’re completely covered,

spoon the cornflakes into little cases,

pop 3 mini eggs it the middle of each one,

leave to cool in the fridge for an hour,

Pretty straight forward right? If you’ve had some little helpers it will most likely take you longer to clean up than it did to make them, but so worth it for the quality family time right? Let’s face it though the best is yet to come! Once those nests are set, stick the kettle on, make a pot of tea and enjoy your handy work!

Sadly I’m working all through Easter but taking these into work to share will make it a little easier, although maybe I should just keep them at home for my Brother’s arrival this afternoon… I’m so excited to see him; I feel like it has been forever!

What are your plans for the next couple of days? Are you lucky enough to be off or are you working like me? Whatever it may be I hope you have a lovely time!

Happy Easter!!

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