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Archies & The Alchemist

Updated: Mar 27

We woke up on Sunday feeling pretty fresh and excited for our second and sadly last day in Leeds. It was definitely the more relaxed day of the two, which if you ask me is just as it should be. We took our time getting organised and then went on the hunt for brunch. We didn’t have to go far at all, about a 20second walk across the square to Archie’s.

Our food couldn’t come fast enough, we were so hungry (it only took 10  minutes) but when it did arrive oh boy was it good.

Once the food had gone down a little we headed back towards the shops to pick up a couple of last minute purchases then headed for possibly the most awesome cocktail I have ever had!

My brother and his girlfriend recommended The Alchemist; they said we absolutely had to go and boy were they right!

With their extensive menu I really struggled to pick out just one cocktail, I managed to narrow it down to 2 but thats where I got stumped. So when the waitress came to take our order I decided to ask for her recommendation based on which one “looked cooler” haha! Well I might as well get a good photo out of it!

It was called ‘colour changer’ and thats exactly what it did!

If you’re in Leeds looking for a place to grab a cocktail then this is definitely the place to go! They also serve food if you fancy it but we’d already eaten too much at brunch.

After cocktails we had to head back to the flat so the girls could get their stuff and catch their trains home. We had the best weekend and I can’t wait until we get the chance to do it again!

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