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Being a tourist

Updated: Mar 27

Sorry things have been a little quiet round here but if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve been down in London visiting my brother and his girlfriend. I’ll make up for the silence by sharing my adventures with you now!

I had a day  all by myself so decided to check off he most touristy thing on my list. The London Eye.

First things first navigating the tube, luckily I only had to hop on the district line and make sure I was heading in the right direction to jump off at Westminster and from there it’s pretty obvious where you have to go.

I walked across the bridge, past the piper, and headed for the ticket office. At £24.95 it’s not exactly the cheapest visitor attraction I’ve ever paid for especially when they’re trying to encourage you to spend more money on the visual guides. I think it’s a little cheeky but as it was something I felt I had to do I paid my money, politely declined the visual guide and headed for the eye.

I’m not sure exactly how long it took to go round; maybe about 45mins, I wasn’t exactly watching the clock, I was a little pre-occupied by the views.

As expected the Shard stands out just a bit, designed by Renzo Piano its the tallest building in the UK (and in the EU…but that’ll be irrelevant soon). From its website it looks like the views from the top are absolutely stunning. Its safe to say  a trip to the top has been added onto my London-to-do list for my next visit.

This is the problem with London; every time I tick something off the list, I add at least 2 things on to it. There is just so much to see!

The eye was great and if you’re a visitor to London,  I recommend a trip round but if I’m honest it’s not something I’ll rush back to do again any time soon.

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