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Being single during the holidays

Updated: Mar 27

Last weeks post made me think about how the majority of our favourte christmas movies feature a loved up couple at christmas time and I’m sure that can make some people feel pretty sad and lonely at this time of year. But you know what it doesn’t have to be like that! Like me, you may find yourself single but here are a few reasons its not so bad.

Precious cash is not wasted on an ugly sweater his dad will only wear once so hello extra drinks at the Christmas party.

You can stay home in your PJs watching christmas movies cause you’re finished with your christmas shopping.

People are generally in good spirits and feeling friendly and festive this time of year so get yourself involved in an activity and make some new friends.

No need to feel too guilty about that cheeky snog with that guy dressed up as an elf! I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there.

You can still enjoy some down time: we’re always so busy running around to get organised for the festive season but you can still find time to be a little selfish and unwind before things get too hectic.

You get to spend the holidays with your family and not worry about offending your partner or their relatives because really your Mum’s christmas dinner is the best and why would you want anyone else’s?

So please don’t be sad that you’re ‘alone’ this time of year, there are so many things to look forward to and enjoy. Do you have any favourites? even those of you in a relationship I’m sure you still like to make at least a little time for yourself right?

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