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Breakfast in the Park

Updated: Apr 18

Last Sunday was the last chance I would have to see my parents for a few weeks; they were heading down south, then going off on holiday for a bit but I really wanted to see them before they left. Wanting to start their 3 hour drive as early as possible it seemed as if the only logical thing to do was grab a spot of breakfast so they could fuel up. By now I’m sure you’ll know that this is the kind of offer I just can’t refuse. So 9.30 for breakfast it was.

They suggested Dalkeith Country park, a spot that is currently on my to-do list, and will remain there until I can tick off a good walk around the park itself.

As a kid I used to make regular trips to the park with family and friends, usually for a pic-nic and a good run around but it had been years since I’d been. I knew quite a bit of refurbishing had gone on in recent years but I was still pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Driving into the park their one-way system makes it pretty easy to find your parking – the earlier the better if you want a spot down by the yard (where the food is) as it is a smaller than other parking. Cross the road and head on into the yard, which has been lovingly restored and actually made me feel like I had been transported to a little town in England somewhere.

There are a couple of little shops, a cafe and a restaurant which is where we were heading. As it was pretty early there were only a few other people there quietly placing their orders. I can image it doesn’t stay quiet for long; other tables were filling up during our breakfast.

They even had a long table set up for a large group of ‘yummy mummies’ their husbands and kids, so large group bookings are definitely an option. Although I felt so sorry for the staff waiting on that particular group, they were being rather rude and inconsiderate and they clearly didn’t realise it (the parents, not the kids!). I’m quite glad we were in and out quite quickly as they were a little off-putting. However I cannot wait for trip back soon to enjoy the breakfast in a better atmosphere.

Anyway back to the food, of course it had to be a cappuccino and eggs florentine. I must continue on my mission to find the best poached eggs in the Edinburgh area. The eggs were served a little differently to what I’m used to…on a tattie scone! genius! seriously if you’ve never done that before then go get yourself some cause it may have revolutionised my eggs florentine habits. The eggs were perfectly cooked with just the right amount of hollandaise. I don’t think I’ll need a menu on my next visit, if they could have these waiting for me when I arrived I’d be ok with that….although dad opted for the pancakes and they looked pretty good too!

Sadly Mum & Dad had to rush off so there would be no exploring of the park. In fact I was going to keep this place to myself until I could show you the park too but that would be a bit selfish of me. But a little warning: there is a high chance that this place will feature on the blog again in the near future!

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