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Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard

Updated: Mar 27

It was dark by the time we got to the Cape so not much chance of admiring the beautiful surroundings so priority number one on Sunday morning was a nice long walk. This was mostly for my benefit so I could admire the architecture and decide that I wanted to live in every single house. I took so many photos, but don’t worry I won’t post them all. I did manage to narrow it down to one street though!

Sunday sadly went by too quickly for my liking as we soon had to drop Kirsten at the airport so she could get back to her wedding planning normality. I really can’t believe friends from school are getting married, surely we’re still to young for this!

With Sara and Kirsten back to their adult lives, Taylor and I still had a few days of holiday left, one of which we chose to spend on Martha’s Vineyard.

It was yet another crazy hot day, bearing in mind I live in Scotland, anything above 20°C is too hot! The short ferry ride from Falmouth to Oak Bluffs was the perfect opportunity to get a nice cool sea breeze and also determine which boat would be the best size for a relaxing day of sunbathing at sea. Not that we will ever own a boat but hey we can dream!

After stepping off the ferry we had a brief wander around and discovered the Gingerbread houses. I am destined to live in this place!

We spent 45mins on the bus enjoying the scenery and some fun tales before we were dropped off in Edgartown…Anyone recognise it?

Did you get it? This is where they filmed Jaws!

Anyways time for some food! We stopped in pretty much the first place we came across: Among the flowers cafe. It was really cute, the staff were very friendly and the menu was deliciously simple.

I mean waffles with a Bellini, yes an odd combination but it totally works!

A little wander around after lunch and then it was time to head back to the ferry and back to the mainland.

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