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Château de Versailles

Updated: Mar 27

Last week was crazy busy with work and swimming so I got a bit behind on my Paris posts, but not to worry I have 2 more lined up and they may just be my favourite! There were two things I just had to do on this trip to Paris and one was make the trip out to Versailles and boy am I glad I did!

We started the day early as we knew it would be really busy and we were right, it was quite the mission to make our way through the main palace but boy was it incredible!! The scale and opulence was like nothing I have ever seen.

I mean just check out this bedroom!

I was actually a little relieved to get outside into the grounds, much more space to roam around and enjoy the warmer weather that was finally gracing us with its presence.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading down to my new house (Petit Trianon).

In comparison to the main palace its small, but by any other standard it would be a lovely (very) large home.

Isn’t the furniture just adorable! I want these chairs for my house.

The weather was really starting to pick up so we wandered around the grounds to the little thatched roof farm cottages of Marie Antoinette’s estate. There were several people working the grounds which really gives it an authentic feel, like its not just another museum.

I think we walked around in a circle, its pretty easy to get lost in the vast grounds but we eventually made our way back to the canal and the centre of the estate.

It was time to head back into the city but we barely scratched the surface of Versailles and its expansive grounds, I will definitely be making a return visit the next time I go to Paris.

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