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Cocktails at Bar Soba

Updated: Mar 27

It has been over a year since I last visited Bar Soba, now whether that’s because there are so many places in Edinburgh to choose from, or because my last trip was a great date that never blossomed into anything real (not that I’m complaining now!) but it’s definitely not that I don’t like the place.

When Fellow Athena Collectiv. lady, Laura, said she was looking for a few people to go with her for the launch of their new cocktail menu I jumped at the chance.

  1. I love cocktails

  2. I haven’t been there in ages

  3. You’re probably getting fed up of me constantly sharing brunch…time to mix it up!

At the door we were welcomed by staff, handed our two free drinks tokens and told about the 5 new cocktails we were allowed to choose from: Apple & Ginger Mojito, Coconut Mojito, Bubbalicious, Frozen Rhubarb & Gin or Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. As soon as I heard coconut, I was sold! I kind of lost track in the middle fantasising about the coconut but then was right back on it when I heard Daiquiri.

Eve | Kim | Amanda

We made our way through the crowd and went upstairs where we managed to bag a couple of tables but not quite enough seats. It was a tough decision for most trying to pick drink number one; I think the majority opted for one of the two mojitos on offer.

I chose the coconut because nine times out of ten if there is a cocktail with coconut on the menu then I will order it. I definitely made a good choice. I know it wasn’t everyones top pick but I think we all agreed it was pretty refreshing.

The atmosphere was great! Busy but not too overcrowded, a buzz of excitement filled the room and a live DJ to top it all off. Just as we were finishing off our first round of drinks some nibbles arrived; mini fishcakes and chicken gyoza. I don’t do seafood but got stuck into the chicken, I’m pretty sure I could’ve polished off the whole tray, but I’m glad I didn’t cause then came the weirdest but most wonderful taster of the evening…the chilli cheeseburger spring roll. I know sounds horrid but it was incredible; but don’t take my word for it, get down there and try them out right now!

All those nibbles are thirsty work so it was time for cocktail number two. I had my heart set on the daiquiri but sadly when we went to order they didn’t have any ready, it was going to be another 10 mins. Not wanting to wait we went for the Frozen Rhubarb Gin, its a cute pale pink colour!

Sipping on frozen cocktails makes me feel a bit like I’m somewhere sunny and not putting up with the rainy Scottish summer. So for that reason I loved the idea of the Frozen rhubarb gin, but overall it didn’t quite do it for me. I know some of the other girls said it was their favourite, it’s one of those things you have to try for yourself.

Cocktails and conversations flowing, we had a good laugh at the guy who very kindly attempted to take some group shots of us, I think the majority came out a blurry mess. With all the fun and games we decided a third cocktail was in order, most of us going for our favourites again. Which for me meant finishing off the evening with one more coconut Mojito.

Strawberry Daiquiri | Coconut Mojito | Bubbalicious

We all had a fantastic night trying out the new cocktails, Thursday evening drinking definitely seems like the way to go. Thanks to Loz at Bar Soba for having us down. I’m sure we’re all planning a trip back very soon as although we loved the cocktails we do love our food and we can’t wait to check out the food menu.

Kim | Eloise | Laura | Lucy | Rebecca | Me | Eve | Amanda


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