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Edinburgh Adventures

Updated: Mar 27

Sometimes the best days are the ones where you have no specific plans; you pick a starting place and just see where the day takes you. This is exactly what we did when my favourite exploring buddy was back in town. With fully charged phones, and some space cleared for taking photos we decided to fuel up at Cairngorm before our day of adventure.

A coffee and a pastry for me and some tea for Frances; we had a good chin wag and attempted to decide our plan for the day. Since we were in that part of town, a trip down to Dean Village would be too hard to resist, we just had to hope the rain stayed off and it did. Even though it was a pretty grey day we were all set for an adventure. After all it is Scotland and if you waited for a nice day you’d probably never get anything done.

So down the hill we went, in search for those perfect instagram shots. Although sadly mine can’t compare to Fran’s, her feed is stunning!

Being such a grey day it was pretty quiet which was ideal, very few people around that you have to manoeuvre around or wait to pass before you can take that shot, although with all the space we found ourself in pretty close proximity to a small group of tourists so we did have a little hanging around to do, but in a place as pretty as this you don’t really mind so much.

The bright yellow really stands out against the grey sky, and there is nothing I love move than the sound of the water trickling past, I could probably sit there all day and just do nothing. However we had our priorities straight; we needed new profile pics for instagram/twitter; hello bridge with Dean Village background!

Or there is always option two of the cute pink door when you’re wearing all the pink accessories! Think I’ll save this one for later though! I just couldn’t resist! we found it on our wander from dean village over to stockbridge. We were getting pretty peckish so decided to head there and grab a bite to eat

We opted for Scran & Scallie for a bite…why had I never been here before!?! I’d heard such good things but just never quite made it there. I did take photos but sadly they’re a little dark so all I can leave you with is a teaser of the fireplace and table settings. Hopefully I’ll get back there and be able to share it with you properly!

Sadly our day of adventure had to come to a close, but not before a one final stop at Circus Lane because you know its so damn pretty!

Thanks Fran for our day of exploring! I can’t wait till our next adventure!

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