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Edinburgh in August

Updated: Mar 27

Last weekend my brother and his fiancée came up from London for a long weekend. Visitors in August means Fringe shows, food and drinks. Rather than thinking about blog content I spent the weekend just enjoying their company, but of course I still want to share something with you all so how about one day?

In case you don’t know August in Edinburgh is mental, locals often flee the city as the tourists take over. Comedy, Cabaret, art and culture. So much to see and so little time. The fringe runs from 4th-28th August and if you’ve never been I suggest you give it a go. As we were short on time we only got tickets for a couple of shows, one on the Friday and one on Saturday but we’ll get to that in a second.

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning as we had big plans for brunch. The Pantry in Stockbridge has been on my to do list forever and what better excuse than visitors. Knowing it’s always busy we got there for 10am and only had to wait about 20mins before we managed to get a table and it was definitely worth the wait.

Waffles for Mike, Scottish breakfast for Bruce, LA eggs (toast, mashed avocado and a poached egg) for Ellie and of course Eggs Florentine for me. All washed down with some fresh orange, cappuccinos and lattes. I’m going to call it those poached eggs are up there with the best in Edinburgh and I didn’t hear any complaints from the rest of them. If you’re out and about this weekend and haven’t tried The Pantry, I highly recommend it, just be prepared that you may need to wait a little for a seat.

Our next activities for the day were over the other side of town so all fuelled up and with a little time to kill we walked from Stockbridge to the Cowgate via the royal Mile and Victoria street with a quick stop into the new Harry Potter shop, because it would be rude not to right?

Mike and Ellie had a quick meeting for some wedding prep, so Bruce and I grabbed a cappuccino at Holyrood 9a while we waited for them to be done with their Wedmin (what a great word! Never heard it until that day).

Short meeting over, we had to say bye to Bruce and head up to the Pleasance for our Best of Edinburgh showcase. A host and 4 guest acts; a 10 minute insight into each of their shows. At only £12 a ticket it’s a great place to start if you’re not sure what to see. Of the acts we saw I’d happily pay for a ticket for any of them, my two favourites were Pippa Evans and Christian Reilly. If this month wasn’t pretty much the busiest ever I’d definitely be off to see one of them.

All that laughing made us a little peckish…time for an afternoon snack and we knew just what we wanted. Mimi’s is one of Mike and Ellie’s favourite spots for brunch and we were a little gutted we wouldn’t be hitting it up, but thanks to their little cabin at George square we didn’t have to miss out entirely.

Hello mint aero cake sundae!! with none other than luca’s ice cream…when they say a picture’s worth a thousand words, they were right. Go check them out!

Refuelled and ready to go again we decided to head up to the Royal Mile and embrace the festival madness. Street performers and artists trying to promote their shows, thousands of tourists shuffling along. If you do head to the Mile do not expect to get anywhere fast, just embrace the atmosphere and have fun. If it all gets to much for you pop into one of the many bars and grab yourself a quick drink. Thats exactly what we did, catching up with some friends at the same time before the three of us headed off for dinner.

One of my favourites and somewhere they’d never been before, I was excited to share Civerino’s with them. As ever it didn’t disappoint, their fries and arancini are amazing and I could probably eat there every week and not get bored of it!

Of course it wasn’t just about the food, I’d seen these slushies on their Facebook page and couldn’t wait to try them out. Anyone else coming back with me right now??

It was the perfect end to a long day wandering around town, ok yeah it was a lot of food but according to my fitbit we did over 17,000 steps so that makes up for it right? Regardless it was a great day and we managed to fit so much into one day. We decided to grab one more drink before heading home and passing out exhausted.

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