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Father’s day Food

Updated: Mar 27

Coffee, Wine and good food are always top of the list when it comes to ideas for Father’s Day, for my dad anyway (and I wonder where I get it from!). So this year I decided to take him out to eat; I feel like we don’t get to spend that much time together any more so a meal gives us the perfect opportunity to hang out. The biggest decision was should it be lunch or brunch? There are so many choices in Edinburgh and picking just one is pretty tough. Here are some of the options that immediately came to mind:


A good family friendly option, ideal for lunch or dinner. There’s something for everyone, and the best way to do it is order up several dishes so you can try a bit of everything. Oh and don’t forget a margarita or two, it is dad’s special day after all (and you shouldn’t let him drink alone).

Urban Angel

A top spot for brunch, and I think so far still my favourite poached eggs in Edinburgh. With a varied and relatively healthy menu this is ideal for those dads that love their food but are a little more health conscious. Try their smoothies if you opt for this one, they’re really good!

The Tower

If you like your food to come with a view, it really doesn’t get much better than the tower restaurant at the museum. I feel like the good food is just a bonus here, but then again I’m a sucker for for the Edinburgh skyline.

Chop House

Having only been here for brunch I thought about dinner here as my dad loves a good steak, but sadly timings weren’t going to work out for us. After a great brunch, I have pretty high expectations for dinner so fingers crossed. If you’re heading here let me know what you think.

In the end I’ve actually booked a table somewhere else cause I know its one of my dad’s favourites. But if you’re struggling for ideas give any one of these a go and you’re guaranteed to be rolling home when you’re done.

Whatever you’re up to today have fun and enjoy the time with dad!

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