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Girls Weekend

Updated: Mar 27

We figured out it had been almost a whole year since we were last together so as you can imagine there was a lot to catch up on! Last weekend was definitely some much needed girl time.

On Saturday night I finished work, rushed home to get changed them headed into Edinburgh to meet Jill and Holly. Rather than go out for a meal we decided to grab a dominos, a couple of bottles of wine and stay in so we could have a proper catch up. Before we knew it, Holly and I had to head to the hotel for a good nights rest before our early start on Sunday Morning.

We had to get up super early for a Sunday so that we could meet Ayoola off the bus at 8am! But the excitement of our day together combined with a coffee made it bearable; this view also helped. 

Our plan was to grab breakfast but, thats really hard to do at 8.30 on a Sunday morning so we headed for The Standing Order which is always a good back-up plan, plus we knew there were more exciting things to come. We were out and hit the shops for them opening at 10am.

By the time it got to 12 we decided we needed to stop to re-fuel before making a few more purchases. Hotel Chocolat just happened to be round the corner, we figured it would be rude not to stop in. 

We continued on our tour of the shops, although much to my surprise we managed to resist temptation and pick up some ideas for christmas gifts.

Really We were just passing time and catching up until the main event of the day; afternoon tea at The Dome.

This is how you know its almost Christmas in Edinburgh, the tree and twinkling lights just make you feel so festive.

Of course we opted for afternoon tea with champagne. If its worth doing, then its worth doing properly right?

We were in the Georgian tea room for a couple of hours and it was just the perfect way to end the day and start planning our next trip together.

I can imagine the afternoon tea is great any time of year however, this time of year it really does help you to get in the festive mood so I highly recommend it to all!

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