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Hey Queenie!

Updated: Mar 27

After a few too many cocktails on Sunday night, Monday morning wasn’t quite as fresh as I’d hoped for but hey, we had stuff planned so we got ready, checked out of our hotel and headed to Windsor for the day.

We arrived just at the end of the changing of the guard – completely unintentional but we’re glad we caught the it. Theres just something about those funny hats that I love!

Windsor was buzzing with activity, which we were quite surprised by, I didn’t realise there was anything else there other than the palace and legoland, but with the Queen’s birthday looming there were a lot of vans and people coming and going making their preparations.

We picked up our tickets at £20 a person; I thought that was a little steep, but hey it is London, and headed into the palace grounds picking up one of those cool audio guides on the way.

After all if you’re going to be a tourist you might as well do it properly!

Sadly you are not allowed to take any photos inside the palace, so you’ll just have to go see it in all its glory, and trust me it is totally worth it! For now a few snapshots of the exterior will have to do.

As we passed through the gates I found my name carved into the stone, I promise your majesty it wasn’t me!

We made our way through the place grounds, interior and chapel resisting the temptation to take a million photos.

It took us a few hours to make our way around but by the time we were done food was our top priority, we didn’t want to wander off too far so headed down an adorable little lane just opposite the palace and found the Clarence brasserie & tea room.

Since I had to be at the airport around dinner time, I made the most of lunch by having a main course and then insisting that the Americans had to have a mini afternoon tea. We didn’t go all out, but settled for the cream tea (scone with cream, jam and a tea of your choosing).

It was definitely a day well spent and of course I didn’t want to go home, but reality was calling. Until next time ladies!

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