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I have a confession….

Updated: Mar 27

I love food!

Ok so it’s not much of a confession; if you’ve been reading this blog or follow me on Instagram you will probably have noticed my love of brunch, coffee, cakes and most things food related (seafood being an exception!). Most of my posts include some sort of edible component because lets face it food is the best.

I knew the last couple of months were going to be tricky; only taking 4 days holiday to move out of my parents house and no time off to move into my new place. It has meant a lot of my free time has been dedicated to getting things in order. Between moving, working, coaching, seeing friends and the boyfriend something had to give and in this case that meant the gym. I told myself this would be temporary, but things have gone too far now. Especially when in an attempt to save some time, a take away or convenience food has been a regular occurrence. Now that things have settled down the past couple of months are taking their toll.

I feel lethargic most of the time and have zero enthusiasm to grab my gym bag and get in a proper work out. I have probably put on a little weight (I don’t own scales so don’t know the real damage) but its nothing that wont fix itself if I can get back into some kind of routine. All I know is I’m tired of feeling rubbish and I desperately need to fix it.

I have to be careful not to go from one extreme to the other though, as that will never last so I think the key is going to be to start small; pick one thing each week to focus on to help contribute to a healthier/more normal lifestyle.

Getting back into the gym will take a while so I’m going to focus on trying to get back into the pool and a spot of yoga. I need to work on my strength and flexibility desperately! Getting regular exercise back into my routine will make a huge difference and there are a few changes I can make in the kitchen that’ll go a long way too.

My love of eating out will forever prevent me from being a size zero; but for me it really isn’t about my size, it comes down to how I feel. And the time has come for me to get back into a better routine.

Sorry for my ramble, I’m not entirely sure what the point of this post was, it is just something that I’ve had on my chest and needed to get it out there. Also writing about it seems to give me more motivation to take action so fingers crossed a change is just round the corner….

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