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My Favourite time of year

Updated: Mar 27

Well first off today is my last day at work before 3 blissful days off and I couldn’t be more excited! As you may or may not have noticed I absolutely love christmas, but not just the day its self, but also the build up. It all starts with the christmas shopping.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating but equally as fun as writing out a list of what you need to buy and getting way ahead of yourself thinking about how much someone is going to love their gift.

Actually I take that back already…wrapping them up can be pretty fun too. I definitely had some issues this year; watch out for anything that does not come in a box! Curves or varying thickness is an absolute nightmare, I have definitely learned my lesson although I have a feeling that I say this every year!

Also note to self for next year: do not buy any more ribbon!

Once everything is all wrapped up you get to place them lovingly under the tree (and yes our tree needed to be 8ft tall!) until they are sent off to their new homes and replaced with other intriguing packages.

If you’re anything like me and have been super organised this year you’ll have been done with the shopping with 10 days to spare. A whole ten days; what do you then do with your time other than get ridiculously excited way too soon? Well how about wrapping up warm and paying a visit to your local christmas market?

Don’t have a local one? make a day of it! find the closest one to you, head there early and spend the last of your months wages on mulled wine, bratwursts and churros because you know, it’s christmas, and the calories don’t count right?!

I know I don’t let anything come between me and my yearly churros!

Not into fighting through the crowds? Well curl up with your favourite movie, some hot chocolate and a big fluffy blanket and enjoy a little R&R before the big day..or quiet day depending on your plans.

We’re 15 this year for christmas dinner and I am so excited ab0out it. Spending hours round the table eating, drinking and having a good old fashioned chin wag is always the highlight of my day.

So whatever you’re up to this christmas and whoever you are spending it with I hope you have a wonderful day!

Merry Christmas x

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