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New kid on the block

Updated: Mar 27

When I say kid I really mean restaurant but we’ll get to that in a minute. First we need to work up an appetite…

It’s safe to say the weather has taken a turn for the worst here in Edinburgh, winter is definitely on it’s way and it’s getting so much harder to get up in the mornings cause it’s so dark.

But really grey days are just part of what you have to accept if you want to make this wonderful city your home because there are days that make it all worth while!

It was horrid and wet on Thursday morning but once the rain cleared we were left with a beautiful blue sky and even a little bit of sun. The wet cobbles and sun-soaked buildings made for an interesting wander up the Royal mile.

writers museum; usually a pretty quiet spot with some very traditional Edinburgh Architecture.

(incase you don’t know bide=stay)

We had a table booked at Edinburgh’s newest Mexican: Wahaca.

Ok yes the downside to living up in Scotland is that we’re that last to get anything. You see this chain of restaurants can be found south of the border, but last Monday saw the opening of the first one in Scotland! Pretty exciting times especially since I’m a big fan of the food and of course the cocktails

Of course we started with Nachos and some guacamole; the best I’ve had in Edinburgh certainly! and of course it would be rude not to have a margarita to wash it all down with. Although if you order one you better like tequila cause they certainly are strong! I highly recommend the Passion fruit.

We opted for the street food which meant you can have 2 or 3 little portions allowing you to get a taste of whats on offer. I eventually decided on the black bean and cheese quesadilla and the pork tacos which I think were my favourite.

After polishing of our mains I’d left just enough room for dessert. When churros are on the menu it would be a crime not to order them with some chocolate and caramel for dipping. The caramel was super sweet but thats just what I like and it was by far my favourite.

We were in and out in just over an hour although it felt like longer as we’d just been taking our time and weren’t in any hurry. But it proves that it would be easy enough to pop in there on your lunch hour…maybe skip the margaritas though or the afternoon may be slightly less productive. Boy am I glad I don’t work around the corner cause I could see myself becoming a regular.

If you haven’t been you you should definitely go, I’ve been telling everybody about Wahaca and how they just have to go, I just hope they like it as much as I did.

With nothing much planned for the afternoon we decided to walk up to St Andrews square and pop into the Bank….why you ask?

This is a 5 minute walk from lunch so once you’re stuffed waddle up there and appreciate some stunning architecture.

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