• Emma

Ponta da Piedade

Updated: Apr 18

Seriously…so much for the guaranteed sunshine! with another day of cloud forecast for Villamoura we jumped in the car again and headed to Lagos. While it wasn’t gloriously sunny it was at least a bit warmer but again another ideal day for a little exploring.

Again, another slightly lest touristy area of the Algarve filled with beautiful cobbled street and some traditional architecture that must make the locals proud to live there! Is there anything better than a truly stunning hometown? I don’t think so…

With the grey clouds slowly starting to disperse we thought we’d take a chance out on the sea.

Ponta da Piedade is a series of rock formations just off the coast of Lagos with many options for exploring them. From kayaking excursions to larger boat tours. We decided against the kayaking as we didn’t want to get stranded should the weather change again and it would inevitably end up in an argument!

“I’ve read about this and I found something that said to take one of the small local boats to get the best views”

Yeah ok mum, if you say so.

We approached a group of 3 men with a pretty basic sign for boat tours around the rocks, I’m not going to lie it certainly felt a little dodgy but the four of us jumped into the little boat; you could fit a max of 6 people plus the driver but honestly that would’ve been a squeeze, and off we went out of the harbour and off towards the rocks.

The photos just don’t do it justice, the formations that have been built onto are especially breathtaking. Our little boat was really starting to come into its own, weaving through the rocks avoiding the groups of tired looking kayakers – so glad we decided against that.

We were getting right up close and personal, but we were unaware of just how close we were about to get.

Our guide pulled the boat right up to this rather narrow passage; we thought he just wanted us to peer in to admire all the nooks and crannies, but nope he didn’t stop or even slow down much, he just kept going. Holding our breaths in anticipation/fear that this was where they kidnapped us, with only one small bump we went straight through the passage into the most stunning little cave, the sunlight streaming in from above.

We went back out the way we came in without even a slight tap off the rock; I now had complete faith in our little boat.

We went a little further along the coast before heading back towards Lagos.

The boat ride must’ve been about an hour and it was well worth it; the views were incredible but we all jumped back onto dry land with our tail between our legs; after all we owed mum an apology!

She was right after all; the small local boats are the way forward if you want to get right up close to these stunning formations. So make sure if you go you take this advice, it also means that you know you’re paying someones wage, rather than giving all the cash to the larger tourist boats who probably keep most of the profit for themselves!

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