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Portobello Promenade

Updated: Mar 27

I love my days off; I don’t live for them but they’re so important to help keep some kind of balance in my life. Unfotunately I need to spend some of them doing boring things like washing, emails and admin however I’m a firm beleiver in taking at least a little time out for yourself so that you can relax and actually feel like you are able to work through the days mundane tasks. What better way to do this than with coffee and a walk along the beach?!

Portobello is just to the east of Edinburgh and is full of cute little shops, cafes and of course there’s the beach. I already want to get back there and do some more exploring but I’m getting ahead of myself. Lets start with a coffee.

Twelve triangles is on the highstreet; they have a second shop in town which I’ve been to before but this was my first visit here. It’s a small store with only a couple of benches if you want to sit in but thats actually something I quite like; the smaller scale thing they have going on. You can grab a seat for as long as you like and watch a variety of people pop in and out for their fresh bread and tasty treats. It actually gets quite entertaining as the day goes on and they slowly start to sell out of pastries!

They open in the morning with their offerings for the day and once they’re gone thats it you’ll have to come back tomorrow so my advice: get there early if you’re after something to eat.

If not the coffee is pretty great so stop in for one of those any time of day!

You can also buy Steampunk coffee which if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know its one of my favourites.

I couldn’t resist the last cinnamon bun to go with my coffee; I felt a little bad as just as I ordered it another lady came in wanting to buy some but ‘if you’re not fast you’re last’…in fact I’m sure they should put that on a sign over their door!

Before I was tempted to tuck into more pastries I headed towards the promenade for a little stroll before the rain came on.

So it wasn’t the nicest of days but that never bothers me, I just love being by the sea waking along the promenade past the people walking their dogs, taking their children to the pool or even just sitting with a book.

I decided they were onto something and grabbed a spot with my feet dangling over the edge and just sat and watched the world go by for a while.

I have decided that Portobello is definitely a place I could see myself living, hopefully sooner rather than later but lets see what happens…

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