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Some Good Eggs

Updated: Mar 27

I feel like I have been working a lot lately, so Last Sunday when I had the whole day to myself I just had to make plans so natuarally brunch was the first idea that came to mind!

After a bit of a Late night on Saturday, Jill and I dragged ourselves out of bed grabbed a coffee and reluctantly headed to the gym.

In hindsight it was possibly not the smartest idea; we were super tired but didnt want to miss our workout, so there was no circumstance in which we could win on this one. However it did really help us build up quite the appetite so off we went for some brunch.

I’d asked on twitter for some good suggestions and got a few that looked amazing and will all be tried out in the near future but our pick of the bunch for Sunday was Urban Angel.

Unfortunately it was pretty busy when we got there so we had a bit of a wait for a table but its ok thats what coffee is for. Cappuccino no. 2 of the day helped pass time and fill a space before the main event.

But boy was it worth the wait; the building is pretty cute…but the food!

My favourite brunch food has to be Eggs Benedict so I went for that with spinach and a mango smoothie while Jill chose scrambled eggs with toast. Feeling the need for a little more protein we also ordered some sausages (gluten free for those who are interested). Not a scrap was left on the plate!

If you’re looking for a top brunch spot I’d highly recommend Urban Angel, definitely the best Eggs Benedict I’ve had in Edinburgh so far….I do have quite a few more places to try though!

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