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Sun Inn cafe

Updated: Mar 27

I don’t know about you but I’ve found this last week tough. I can’t quite put my finger on what caused it, but by the time Wednesday hit I just wanted to curl up in bed with a massive cup of tea and some Netflix. Maybe I’m trying to do too much at the moment and need to re-think my priorities, but lets save that for another day shall we?

After a rubbish start to the week, my day off on Thursday was very much needed. It started as so many of my day’s off do with a coffee in bed while we tried to decide our plan of action. I presented Bruce with a list that I’ve started compiling of things to do in Edinburgh and East Lothian and told him to pick one. He chose the Sun Inn for a spot of lunch.

My last visit was probably about two years ago which is simply not good enough, but when I noticed on their Instagram and Facebook that they have recently had a bit of a renovation, in fact work was still ongoing when we were there, I just had to pay them a visit. Driving was the easiest option for us but I do believe there are a couple of buses that can get you there

We went in through the main entrance which meant a walk through the main restaurant; which also looks like it’s had a bit of a face lift since I was last there. The cafe, housed in an extension to the back of the building has some great decor, with teal/turquoise coloured wooden sliding doors and booths (one of my favourite colours) and some great paintings hanging on the walls…check out the multicoloured highland cow!

With a slightly more relaxed feel than in the restaurant it’s an ideal spot for some lunch. It was pretty quiet when we got there so didn’t feel too guilty about taking a whole booth for the two of us, after all there is also plenty of seating outside if you fancy.

We ordered up a couple of cappuccinos while we attempted to pick out our lunch choices. I’d say as far as lunch menu’s go there’s more than enough to choose from; soups and salads to burgers. You also have the option of afternoon tea (yep that will definitely be happening at some point) and cakes for dessert if you can handle it.

He opted for a burger, apparently it was the cheese that won him over, although on reflection he’s not to sure it was the best option. Nothing specific against the burger just wasn’t blown away by it.

However, my beef and onion sandwich was spot on. The baguette was soft, with some gorgeous tender beef and whatever that sauce was, well it just worked. Some crispy fries on the side helped to satisfy our hunger for the rest of the afternoon.

Sitting writing this post is making me hungry, when can I go back again? I’m actually very tempted to book a room there, it is an inn after all, for a little staycation. Dinner, bed and breakfast in the inn would be a great way to spend some quality time with your other half. So next time you’re looking for a place to try, don’t overlook this hidden gem.

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