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Sweet Dreams

Updated: Apr 18

It’s Sunday and I have the day off so I’m starting it as I should, sitting with a cup of tea, curled up in bed, in my favourite room in my new flat.

If you don’t already know I became a homeowner at the end of March and I think the reality of it is finally starting to sink in. Everything is coming together; all the boxes are emptied and it’s really starting to feel like home now.

Of course I turned to Pinterest for some decorating inspiration and it couldn’t be more evident in my gorgeous new bedroom! I love it so much that I just had to share it with you. Getting my bedroom right was always priority number one as it’s where I spend the most time when I’m home. OK I’m asleep but it was so important to me to have a nice calming space that I can unwind in after a long day.

Getting the colour right was definitely the hardest part, after that everything just fell into place. I knew I wanted the most subtle pink colour; something a little girly but not so much to make the boyfriend run in the other direction. After several trips to B&Q and testing a few samples, none of which seemed perfect, I settled for Valspar White Rabbit in the matt finish (the paint has to be mixed for you so sorry no link to the exact match, but you should find the sample easily enough). It turned out way better than I imagined and I absolutely love it! Every time I walk into the room I’m so glad that’s what I went for.

After the stress of the paint colour, everything else was a breeze. Mostly because I’d spent so many hours scrolling through pinterest and could already see it in my head. The cream carpet was there when I bought the place, I considered replacing it but after a good clean it came out looking alright so I figured I’d just keep it and it would work well with my furniture anyway.

chest of drawers | side tables

My bed, side tables and chest of drawers are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I got the bed when I was living up in Aberdeen and have added pieces; most recently the chest of drawers as they fit perfectly between my two wardrobes (yes I use them both…really should work on that). I love that the oak brings a bit of warmth into the room, it keeps things neutral and will make it really easy to re-decorate if I ever feel like I need a change.

With the big items taken care of the soft furnishings were more fun and these decisions all centred around these lamps!

bed | lamps | throw | pillow | curtains

I discovered them during one of my pinterest scrolling sessions and I just had to have them. Then the hunt began for the curtains and throw to tie it all together. I think I did a pretty good job, even if it did take a few weeks to track everything down.

Now that I have put it all together, I’m so thrilled with the end result and it makes me so happy every time I open my bedroom door. There’s also a real sense of achievement as I did most of the work myself, but a big thanks to the men in my life for the help with the wall paper stripping, bed building, and curtain pole fixing. I couldn’t have done it without you!

With the bedroom done, I can close the door over and snuggle up in bed with a cup of tea and netflix and temporarily forget the other work I want to do.

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