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Why I went to London

Updated: Mar 27

Visiting my brother was probably just an added bonus of my trip to London; what I really went there for was the British Museum!

Well not really but it has been on my London to-do list for ever and I’m so glad I got the chance to go this time. Mike had taken a day off work so we could have some quality sibling bonding time so we headed to the museum for some exploring!

For years I’d seen pictures and heard about the incredible Foster + Partners great court and that glass roof but I was dying to see it for myself and boy was it worth the wait! Even with all the people wandering around it is such a vast space that you don’t really feel all that crammed in.

But of course there is more to see than just the incredible architecture of the building…we grabbed a little map and picked out what interested us the most: Ancient Egypt, the Romans and greeks

The detail that was put into their hieroglyphics and paintings were incredible! So intricate and seriously how did they get the colours to last for thousands of years? We came to the conclusion that in thousands of years we really aren’t that much more skilled than what these incredible people were! It made me think about what we’re leaving behind for people to study down the line…probably not a lot; after all our generation seems to treat everything as disposable, nothing is made to last.

I think we were a little jealous of how talented these people were that when it got to the greeks we had a little more fun looking at the ‘hercules jars’. Don’t deny it you know exactly what I’m talking about…the Muses that narrated the disney movie.

After our bit of fun we had one last stop to appreciate that great court again before heading out into the rain in search of some lunch.

If you’re planning a trip to London and looking for things to do make sure you put the British Museum at the top of your list because it’s definitely worth the visit!

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